Chicago Her & History

The Chicago Star is the premier  magazine that features nightlife as art.  Over 10,000 of the most stylish and spirited people have participated in fashion editorials featured in The Chicago Star from 2008 to present.

In 1896, Chicago based photographer Beatrice Tonnesen first pioneered the idea of placing text on photographs.  To this day you still see text being used on photos  sometimes for advertising and sometimes for art.

In 1996, Chicago based photographer Baramesi Ra began photo documenting for a 1996 - 2014 turn of the century collection "The Chicago Wall".  This photographic installation connects Chicago's tastemaking communities by recognizing over 10,000 people by name who are active during this time period. The Chicago Wall commemorates Chicago tastemakers not just for now or the next 100 years but forever.

Portraits for the Time Capsule

Proclamation Declaration

Whereas 10,000 on-location portraits are featured in the collection,

Whereas 2,000 events are featured in the collection,

Whereas 1,000 portraits in the collection contain personalized text,

Whereas 700 artists are named in the collection,

Whereas 99.5% of the images were created without any form of payment,

Whereas the collection of images were recorded between the years July 1996 and July 2014,

Whereas the collection of images is the largest known turn of the century tastemaker collection,

Whereas the images contained are presented as editorial and artistic,

Whereas the above numerical statistics and statements are presented as verifiable and true,

This Proclamation and Declaration hereby petitions the tastemaking public that as of 31 July 2014 this art collection titled “The Chicago Wall” is the official record that highlights the evolution of fashion and tastemaking in Chicago from 1996 to 2014. The images will be time-capsuled in 2014 and reopened for exhibit during Chicago’s 200th anniversary in 2037.

Any person disputing the validity of this Proclamation Declaration is hereby invited to list below any other turn of the century art collection that exceeds any of these criteria before 31 July 2014.

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